Wireless Router Booster

Purchasing the best cable modem combo wireless booster may be a good idea if you already have a wireless router and are experiencing problems. You may need the best cable modem combo when:

  • Your computer connects to the wireless router, but the signal strength indicator (usually bars) shows that you are not getting full range/coverage.
  • Your internet download and upload speed is reduced compared to the speed that you are supposed to receive from your ISP. You can tell this is the case if connecting your computer directly to your ADSL modem (or equivalent) shows a significant increase in your connection speed.
  • Your data transfer speed (for example when streaming HD video or gaming) is severely inferior to that of the specifications of your modem.
  • Your house or office is large, and you are getting low or bad signal from your wireless router in certain parts of your house/office.

Why buy a wireless router booster?

A wireless booster is normally connected to your wireless router and can help you to boost your internet and intranet speed without any muss or fuss. There are even some wireless boosters on the market which you can plug directly into a USB port of your laptop or computing device. If your laptop has a wireless card, for example, you might be able to connect your wireless router booster to it via a USB port.

A few things to look for when purchasing a wireless signal booster are that it is compatible with your router, and that it will give you enough coverage for your home or office. For example, you wish to connect to your wireless router from your backyard or the pool, you may need a serious wireless router booster to increase the range and strength of your wireless signal.

Some of the advantages to wireless signal boosters are the ability to transmit wireless signals through walls or doors. If there are areas in your home which do not have good wireless coverage but you can’t move the router to reach those places more easily, then this is the solution you’re looking for. A wireless booster will give you that extra range that you were looking for and increase the internet signal in those areas. Additionally, since many wireless routers already come with an external antenna on them, if you want to increase your signal all you have to do is purchase a signal booster and replace one of the antennas with it in many cases.

Types of wireless router boosters

Many of the signal boosters, especially those which are just replacement antennas, are specific to a small number of makes/models of routers. Also, determine whether you need an omni-directional antenna or a simple high-gain antenna. The main difference between them is whether or not you have to aim the antenna to get the boosting power. An omni-directional antenna will not require you to aim it in a specific direction, but will instead boost the signal in all directions.

Wireless router boosters come in a wide range of varieties. For instance, there is the Alfa 9 dBi SBA Omni-Directional High-Gain Screw-on Swivel Antenna which is for a number of different Linksys or Netgear routers. This is an external antenna which simply attaches to the Wi-Fi router itself. Whatever direction you need additional coverage in, you simply swivel the antenna and point it in that direction. This is an excellent solution for when you already have all the ports on your wireless router filled but still need to be able to boost the signal.


There are also stand alone wireless boosters such as the Alfa AWUS036H which is a small, compact device with a swivel antenna. This is wired into one of the ports of your router and then the swivel antenna gets turned and pointed in the direction which you need the extra coverage. If you have an open USB port on your router, there are also USB boosters such as the Alfa AWUS036NEH.

The GSI High-Powered Ultra-Secure 500mW is another example of a USB booster which gives an amazing range away from your router and boasts roaming distances up to 10 times the normal output of the router. This device attaches to your router and can give extremely high-speed boosts to whatever device needs the extra power from the router.


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